Childs drawing and handprint wooden chopping board


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Childs drawing and handprint wooden chopping board




The board is laser engraved with your child’s handprints and a drawing they have done. Perfect mothers day gift for Mum or grandparents.

How to order with us:

1. Choose the words you would like, including names.
just let us know in a ‘conversation’ or on the ‘message to seller’ option when ordering.

2. The drawing:
The drawings that show off the most detail are outline drawings in black or dark felt pen (if you already have the drawing you’d like you can go around it in dark pen and send the photo to us)

3. The handprints:
If you are having handprints on the board please be aware they may need to be resized smaller depending on age/size of hand. (It is not necessary to have handprints)
you would like them genuine size please please please make sure you send each one with their handprint size. Across thumb to little finger and down tip of middle finger to base of palm.

How to get handprints:
1. You will need a willing (well sort of co-operative) child/children. Use dark children’s paint or an inkless wipe kit to take the handprints.

2.You can upload your images via the upload buttons.

3. If you would like the handprints full size (where possible) please send measurements of the handprint -top of middle finger to base of Palm and little finger to thumb. I will do my best to get them to fit as closely as possible to the real size but depending on your layout and pictures this is not always possible.

Please note if you do not have the handprints/drawing ready when you place your order the 5-14 days processing time will not start until you have sent the handprints and confirmed the sizes of the handprints. Delivery times will vary especially in the current covid situation but all boards are sent tracked so you can follow it on its journey.

Board size:
34 x 24cm
Solid Wooden chopping board

We advise that while these can be used we do not recommend them being put in the dishwasher as they will fade over time. Sponge gently and leave to dry.

Child’s drawing on a personalised chopping board. Grandparent or food lovers gift. Any wording and their handprints can be added.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 1 cm


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